• Intense Pain Relief Cream

    My husband is a general contractor and used to use BioFreeze on a regular basis. He now uses this Intense Mint cream and experiences greater relief for his tired, aching muscles than any other product he’s used. This is the best, and a little goes a long way, which I believe makes the price more comparable to other creams. The first time he tried it, it was too intense because he used the same amount as other products. A great product and we highly recommend it.

    - Brenda C.

  • Wow!

    I hardly every write a review on a product, but this product has been a miracle for me. I have struggled with back pain my whole life. I've had surgery to help with relieving pain and after trying Human Science I swear by nothing else. Within 1 minute I had no pain whatsoever, it was gone. I could not believe it, nothing has ever worked like this for me!

    - Sierra S.

  • This Oil Works

    Had this problem for years. Didn't want to take medication for it so I was always trying different products until I found this one. Within a few weeks I could see a difference. My toe is all cleared up and I can actually wear sandals without feeling embarrassed.

    - Matt C.

Human Science Foot Kite

Human Science is About YOUR Journey in Life. 

Made with High Quality Natural Ingredients

We are a company that will tell you EXACTLY what is in our products.  We will cite our claims and these will be backed by studies and research.  Although it’s fun to hype a product that you are biased towards (and this can be great for profit in a company in the short term), we want long term relationships with our customers and we want YOU to hype our products because they WORK.  We would LOVE to hear about it from our customers.

Human Science is the study of all that is human.  This encompasses all things physical of course. But it also encompasses your mental well being, your cognitions, your experiences and how you deal with those, your mobility and where you travel, your feelings including pain and pleasure.